Thinkers and Tinkerers

Every year, the Department of Arts & Culture’s Public Art Division holds a Call for Artists to engage area participants who want to be considered for public projects. Through the annual call process, the division holds a mentorship course for emerging artists based in San Antonio. Thinkers & Tinkerers was an exhibition developed by Sabra Booth, one of the 2017 mentorship course participants. The exhibit tells the story of the public art process and its impact on the mentored artists. Booth used silk screen printing, woodworking, and animation to emphasize the importance of coming together as a group to creatively think and tinker with ideas for public art. The exhibit traveled in a mobile art gallery, Art//Craft, to numerous sites throughout San Antonio in the summer of 2018. Booth also designed and implemented an activity for the general public. Go to the Animations page to see the film Thinkers & Tinkerers. Other participants included the following: McGovern Woodcraft, services and supplies, Francisco Tavira, architect, Scotch Willington, muraliist, Coral Diaz, graphic designer, and Spare Parts, a non-profit educational organization.