Artist Books

Slick: In the project Slick, I examine the possible effects of the BP oil spill on the Gulf Coast. In the summer of 2010, I made a trip to Louisiana where I observed the situation firsthand. I shot a film short using stop motion animation on several state park beaches and bayous near the effected areas. Later, I also made a limited edition book that is printed on rubber gaskets used in petroleum refineries. The book comes in a metal film cannister with a DVD. Proceeds from sales will partially go to non-profit environmental organizations. Note: More images of this book can be seen on the Special Projects page of this site. 


fragliche Chemie: The fragliche Chemie (Questionable Chemistry) collages are a satirical series about social interactions. They use drawings from a classic 1950’s book on how to be a good German housewife mixed with diagrams from chemistry and life science textbooks. Throughout the images, amorous microbial creatures announce their intentions with quotes from a German phrase book. In 2012, I made an accordion book based on the series. I used powdered graphite to render the text on top of collages with watercolor. It is a limited edition, digitally printed on cotton rag paper, 6” x 9” (folds out to 79”) and is front and back with a total of 24 pages. The book comes with a handmade decoupage box. Note: More images of the original pieces can be seen on the Mixed Media page of this site.


Persama & Medusin: In Persama and Medusin, I am using art as a means towards political satire. In a limited edition comic book form, it is a political revisionist tale of the Greek hero, Perseus. 


Note: All books can be purchased by contacting the artist or Central Booking.