Snow Shadows

 (Art Pace Exhibition Notes)


Our first Main Space exhibition this year features local artist and City of San Antonio Department of Arts & Culture 2022 Individual Artist Grant recipient, Sabra Booth. Snow Shadows will be on view January 20–May 8, 2022. Booth’s studio practice offers interpretative observations of nature, while addressing complex ecological issues, and her Main Space exhibition further explores this interest. In February 2021, what began as a rare and exciting opportunity for Texas residents to experience significant snowfall turned devastating as the Texas power grid failed, causing rolling black outs across most of the state. The freezing temperatures also lead to disrupted water service, that combined with power loss forced some to flee their homes to seek safe shelter elsewhere. Snow Shadows documents the events of winter storm Uri by replicating shadows from frozen and dying plants. “Plants were irreparably frozen, including some from my own yard, such as iconic San Antonio species, agaves and prickly pears,” said Booth. Utilizing non-toxic Akua Pigments® on large sheets of kōzo paper, coated with a pearlescent powder, Booth’s abstract paintings will fill the Main Space gallery windows, allowing natural light to filter through the paper, illuminating the paintings. She also will have prints available in the gift shop using moku hanga techniques in wood cut. The artist purposefully creates light, playful paintings to signify the events of the winter storm in the hope that the installation will encourage reflection on both the unexpected beauty and perils prompted by climate change.